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Oliver's Organic Living Elixir - Sugar Free

Oliver's Organic Living Elixir - Sugar Free


2.9% total sugars. 100% organic.

We created the Sugar Free Living Elixir to give you daily access to the power of turmeric without the cane sugar. Made with all goodness of the original Living Elixir it is carefully fermented with just enough raw, organic, Australian honey to give it a gentle sparkle and rounded flavour. After fermentation the Sugar Free Living Elixir has only 2.9gms per 100ml total sugars, which is less than most vegetable juices or coconut water.

Our Sugar Free Living Elixir is hand made using the highest quality ingredients and processes we know of. First, we cold press juice Australian certified organic turmeric, ginger and lemons and blend these juices with herbal infusions of certified organic ginkgo, brahmi and gotu kola. These ingredients are then brewed in the bottle using Australian certified organic honey, yeasts and 'Grander' energised water.

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